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i’m convinced that friday night happy hours make the world go round.

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today, i:

  • made a lot of progress on my survival model (!!) i’m so close to getting this to work, i can feel it.
  • got along with my team members
  • had a lovely/weird/hilarious online chat with sam, whom i’ve wanted to talk more with. i enjoy his company because my silly conversation never phases him. he’s excited about me wanting to play l4d2 with him and the other guys.
  • won an ebay auction for a j.crew dress that may or may not be too big for me (at $7!) (ness is my lucky charm)
  • was actually social and went out (and bought a drink that was 2x more than that dress. whoops.)
  • was only minimally awkward with a few of the guys - progress!
  • watched the mindy project with ness (‘think like a peter’ - sooo good.)

All in all, it was a pretty good day.

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